Mattress Advice

I was advised a pocket sprung mattress by my physio, since then I have found then in les than 12months, I have found springs pressing against me and mattress needs to be replaced I was thinking of returning to memory foam based. Can Anyone advise?

I would have thought yours should have atleast a years warranty. Could just be some faulty springs in your Mattress.

I replaced my Mattress a few years ago. Wasn’t a cheap Mattress and has a very long warranty so springs shouldn’t be an issue. Springs with a medical grade memory foam topper. Was exempt from VAT for disabled buyers so got it a little cheaper but still expensive. Worth it for a good nights sleep and kowing it won’t need to be repaced every few years.

If yours can’t be fixed/replaced under warranty have a look at (removed by moderator)

Mr Smith,

Like Bazzabongo, some years ago I switched to a very deep layer of memory foam with springs beneath. It has been superb. I think I bought it in 2007, and oh boy was it expensive, but I’d happily buy another.


Hi Mr Smith
If you do decide to get a new one, one to consider is Otty. They make a hybrid mattress - spring coils. with a thing layer of memory foam on top. I find it super comfy. I used to wake up aching, but not any more


Man spends a third of his life sleeping and this recovery period is extremely important for physical or mental health. However, the mattress for the bed is not always treated with due attention, and bad choices translate into fatigue, muscle pain, and an incorrect body posture, which can worsen over time and lead to hard or expensive treatable conditions. And there is a bed in a box UK that are quite good and can help, that is, we must take care of what we buy to be of quality that on them we will sleep for a long time and do not have to appear health problems from this fault.

First of all, it means you picked the wrong manufacturer, as such mattresses are not that bad. As an option, choose the same-type mattress, but from more expensive ones. A good mattress cannot be cheap - the self-cost is huge enough. I have been using my (removed by moderator) with a pocket sprung mattress for about 4 years and have no problems. As for memory foam, this material is even “weaker”, which means it has more chances to spoil your sleep. But, again, it depends on how much you are ready to spend on a mattress.