Mattress choice?

Confusing array of no springs mattresses for electric beds.Has anyone found one that supports well and provides pressure relief? I don`t know which brand is best as lack of reviews online.Comfort is key,but need to keep spine aligned. Janine x

Hi, I got my bed last year from Abberly Adjustable Beds and it’s the best bed I’ve ever had! I think there was a choice of two mattresses. I got the standard one and it is so comfy! I’m sure they sell mattresses separately. Worth a look. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Heather

Thanks Heather,did you choose memory foam or latex,as not sure if memory foam may present a sinking problem for me,and does it get hot? x Janine

Hi, i`ve tried oodles of mattresses in the past.

memory foam made me sink and I couldnt turn over, which I need to do as I am at risk of pressure sores.

my current mattress was from NHS via district nurse. It is an air circulating one.

Perhaps seek advice from an OT?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, The only air mattress available from district nurses was far too hard for me.I want to feel weightless,so pressure relief and support in equal measures…Memory foam varies so much,the last memory foam one made it impossible to turn over,but some are okay. Janine x

Anyone else advice?

Hi Jan,

I have a Sealy Pure Serenity double mattress. It’s brilliant. Really comfortable, really well sprung but if you have special needs then it might not be appropriate.

This is the link but not available anymore but gives you an idea of the spec.


Thanks Adrian,I`ll note that for future reference. Janine x

Hi all

I’m also looking to change my mattress and need a bit of advice. My MS has got worse of the last 2yrs and the level of pain I’m experiencing at night has increased and I’m finding it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi, I’ve just spent the last few weeks agonising over the best mattress to get, and may be able to help.

Latex foam is the way!!

You need the mattress to conform to your body the best it can.

Open coil mattresses don’t at all, as all the springs are connected your whole body gets pulled into one big dent - avoid.

Pocket sprung are OK as each spring moves independently, they can be improved further by being topped with memory or latex foam (either as part of the mattress or as a ‘topper’).

Memory foam is pretty good, many people love it. It moulds to your body and supports you equally all over. It has a few draw backs though - it doesn’t breath very well and gets quite hot, this can be helped a little with a wicking material, (Coolmax is a type you hear a lot about or I think a wool blanket will do). It isn’t easy to move about in as it reacts slowly and holds its shape around you. Memory foam can give off a strong odour for a few days/weeks, that’s because it is basically a big lump of chemicals.

That leaves latex foam. It has all the supportive features of memory foam but not many of the draw backs. It is a natural product (well, there are synthetic blends) and generally comes from the rubber tree, it has an open cell structure and breaths so makes it cooler, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, it moves with you so unlike memory foam doesn’t hold its shape, this makes it easier to move position in bed as it quickly moves with you. The firmness is often a simple choice of - soft for children and lighter adults, medium for people up to 90kg and firm for those above. The original poster asked about electric beds, this I have no knowlede of but I imagine a latex mattress will be suitable.

Anyway, the funny thing is I haven’t got a latex mattress yet, it comes this Friday, so I’ll have to report back then on whether it is all I’ve been banging on about. I stumbled across this thread because all this mattress malarky got me thinking - is there any corrilation between people with ms and their sleeping posture? I think most of my previous (and current) ones are open coil! At least I have a topper, but it’s become apparent how uncomfortable my nights are and as I’m a side sleeper I’ve been putting a fair bit of strain on my posture. Anyone care to comment?

Thanks for your response Jimmy. Sorry for the slow reply, it’s been a few bad weeks and I haven’t been on line since I posted my original message. How is your latex foam mattress? I’m still looking so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way I forgot to say in my original text my husband is 6 stones heavier than me so need something that is also anti-roll otherwise I wake up in even more pain than usual!!!

I have latex My mums house has a standard mattress was just a cheap mattress for occasional overnight stay for grand kids I was very sore when I stayed there and it was my first relapse. I had also ordered another bed just before my relapse think it’s combination of memory foam and latex it was an expensive bed was bought just before my first relapse and splitting from ex but oh it’s so very comfy I get a good night sleep in them If I fall asleep on the sofa I really know about it x Don’t suppose that’s much help at all lol X

Help!!! I tried a latex mattress the worst few weeks of sleep in a long time really disappointed. Thakfully I was able to rturn it as it was not cheap.

Any suggestions welcome

I tried memory foam but as other have said turning over was a battle. But oh so hot! I just couldn’t stand the hot sweatiness of it. I now have an economy mattress with a feather topper - it was an expensive very thick topper from Norther Nights but worth every penny. It’s lovely and soft but supportive, I seem to be able to turn over ok and it’s not too hot (being a natural product I suppose)

There is an added bonus on the bed making front too. I put the fitted sheet over the topper not the mattress (which has it’s own sheet that I change very infrequently) it’s very easy to put on the sheet as you can fold the topper towards you and do it without struggling. I do it this way so that I can give the topper the odd shake but it’s simplified bed changing a bit.


i got a memory foam matress but got too hot.

then a big splurge on a tempur mattress but still too hot!

maybe a normal mattress and a great big fan!!!

carole x