Hospital bed at home anyone ?

After a brief stay in hospital last year, i have found myself having to use a hospital bed at home for the past 8 months.

Aged 46 & diagnosed 16 years ago, my ms has got worse over the past few years. I can honestlly say however, that it s THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE BED I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Hinders movement of any kind. Just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience, or any bright ideas/aternative suggestions that might help ?

Am not normally grouchy (honestly), but finding myself becoming moreso as time goes by. If no ideas a good joke to share would be nice as well, can’t rob me of humour, lol.

Wishing everyone all the best…Eamonn

Hi Eamonn Grouchy ? Sleeping in a hospital bed ? No way ? Xx


My OT recommended one for home and so one arrived after a bit of a wait. After 2 uncomfortable nights I asked them to take it away and they said it would be a few days until they could collect.

In the meantime I got used and now find it v comfortable so it has stayed! However there is no point saying to you give it time, as you’ve had it for 8 months!

My big problem was going from my own double to a single hospital bed. I esp use the bars for turning over.

I have realised that these comments are of little use to you, sorry! lol. Hope others can be more helpful.

What about a mattress topper to at least make it more comfortable ? Xx

I bought a bed last year from Abberly Adjustable Beds. They make them to order so you can have them made to meet your own requirements, but because they’re a small, family business you don’t pay the inflated prices that you would for a brand name. Best bed I’ve ever had! Check out their website.

Hi, I have a hospital bed and love the head up and knee break make it as comfortable as I want it. Like Shoey, I use the side rail for help in turning over.

Then of course the whole bed raises up/down for carers.

Is it the mattress and not the actual bed that you`re finding uncomfortable?

Ive tried several mattresses and now have an air circulating one. it can get hard in some places, but its purpose is in keeping me from getting pressure sores.

district nurses are who i speak to about any bed issues. They are always quick to act, which is great.

If you dont have nurses coming in, then perhaps speak to an OT, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for all the thoughts on coping with a hospital bed at home. Definately given me food for thought.

Many thanks again…Eamonn