I need some advice on beds. Im in a lot of pain and cant take pain relief due to another condition (lupus)- anybody got any ideas about the best bed for comfort or mattress to choose?-bearing in mind i have temperature regulation problems. Ive had memory foam mentioned but im not convinced? Thankyou! Ashandrob

Hi ashandrob hope your ok we have memory foam mattress and it’s very good can get very comfortable on a good night

Some off the bed shops have a means off testing you for the mattress best suited to you

Intrigued why your lupus stops you taking painkillers do you see a rheumatologist along with a neurologist I would of thought they would have made sure you are a bit more comfortable .

I have lupus along with ppms I take tramadol and pregabilen I am not pain free but it helps also have temperature problems

Especially if been overdoing things george

Hi hillybilly, thanks for your reply!- i have been on a lot of different meds for lupus including cyclosporin and azathioprine to supress my immune system. Unfortunately my system reacts badly to medication of any kind and end up ill in hospital after a few weeks on any meds i have been given. Its a bit of a nitemare tbh. I dont know which type of ms i have yet so dont yet know if i will b offered any meds at all. Thanks for the advice though . In answer to rheumotologist -no. Not been reffered and ive had lupus sle variant for over 9yrs. I have just ‘got on’ with it trying to manage symptoms as best i can with a child with learning disabilities to bring up. Its taken yrs for both lupus AND ms diagnosis while telling anybody who would listen how ill i feel!! Branded as a 'hyperchondriac until now really. Im still at the ‘cry at everything’ stage and lack of sleep doesnt help. Got prescribed gabapentin which just made me vomit and have a sore head. I just feel like im banging my head against a brick wall if im honest. Im now struggling to walk .physio has said my ‘baseline’ is too low to work with and sent me 3 boxes of incontinent pads. Not very encouraging. Ashandrob

Hello ashandrob. Was it a normal domestic bed you wanted or were you looking at a care bed. This company is really good for care beds and mattresses, I highly recommend them… They manufacture their own beds called Opera profiling beds.

Regarding domestic mattresses, memory foam is good but they do get pretty warm. Tempur mattresses are open-cell memory foam which means they stay cool. They’re really comfortable too. Very pricey though.

All the best.

Don’t try and push yourself to touch hard stop for a rest now and again where abouts are you

Take care

Im in north wales hun. Thanks hun you take care too! Ashandrob

Long time browser, first time poster.

I have been diagnosed with systemic lupus for 17 yrs and possible m.s. Since October 2010. I have seven white matter lesions and positive lumber puncture, but my neuro will not give a confirmed diagnosis because of the sle complications. I have annual appointments with her, but it’s so frustrating not to have an actual diagnosis. She assures me the immunosuppresant meds are doin the same job as m.s. ones would, but I’m sceptical. Just reassuring to know I’m not the only one suffering with both illnesses.

Hi, be careful asking at a bed sales outlet, as you may not get the right advice.

I saw a district nurse who got me a profiling bed and correct mattress.

If you dont already have district nurses coming in, ask your GP for a referral to them.


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Im not sure if u got my reply but if not i completely understand your frustration my friend. Ive been positive for every mri 4 In total including brain and positive lumber puncture with a clinical diag of ms. What that means exactly i dont know. Will b seeing neuro on march 31st and will b expecting medication or answers .its as simple as that. I can hardly walj and refuse to be fobbed off with steroids - no likey no takey! Ive been 12 mnths like this . A brain mri that looked as if a sparkler had gone off in my brain plus lesions all down my spinal cord from the neck. Bulging discs at neck and lumber. No wonder i cant walk!! Ashandrob very empathicaly x