Support Pillow (advice)

Hi guys can anyone help or advice please, I have been on a hospital bed with air mattress for 8 months at home,at last I have been able to get up stairs on my new stair lift, but I am not sleeping, I have a night bag attached to a catheter so have to lie on my back and with a high arched back its so painful, Ive tried a pillow under my knees and a horse shoe shape pillow behind my head to sit me up a bit but nothing helps, we can’t afford an electric bed so please can anyone help with any suggestions. Thanks Amazon lady

Try lying on your side with the V shape pillow - one side between your legs and the other under neath.

Have you moved the hospital bed upstairs - or are you sleeping in your old bed. And did you sleep OK in the hospital bed.

Frustrating when you can’t get comfy.

How about applying for a grant from MS Society to buy an electric bed? Details here:

Go for it!

Pat xx