I need an electric bed that has all the finctions of a Hospit al bed. I have one at the moment but they borrow it to me for a short time. I will buy one but I do not know where from. Can any body help please

Hi Derek

What about having a word with an OT, other than that do you have any mobility shops close by, thy would deliver even if they were a bit farther afield.

Hope this helps

Pam x

We bought our from Dreams, and it does all that the hospital beds do. Got them before being dx didn’t realise how soon I would need it.

Think the pair were around £3000.00 with hand made mattresses.

hope this helps.

(p.s. Also mattresses guaranteed for 10 years)

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Hi Derek, I just googled ‘electric bed’ and got loads of links. Even the big bed shops like Dreams do them.

Hopefully you’ll find one to suit…but first you should do as Pam says and see if you can get one through OT.

Good luck,

Pat xx

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We bought beds from a firm called Laybrook, based in Bicester.

Trouble is there’s a hold up in production so we haven’t received them yet. (we ordered a non standard length and different profiles for each of us)

Rather than order a double, we’re getting a single each to push together. So if I chose to sit up in the night Ruth will be undisturbed!

We bought them at Naidex and got a show price something under £3000. I can’t wait to get them, but until we do I can’t say whether their any good. Better be for that money!

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Hi again Derek, the magazine MS Matters arrived today and there are two ad’s for electric beds.

The first is VERSO… looks very smart on a wooden base and they can customise to ‘suit your style’. Of course no prices!

Contact them on 01609 785360 or email at or visit their site at

The other is called Theraposture. Contact them on Freephone 0800 834654 or email (if you quote ‘MS’ you will get free brochure) or visit online at

Hope this helps,

Pat xx


We had the rep from Theraposture here to see us. He was very good, and talked us though the options. He went away and sent us an estimate which was about twice as expensive as the Laybrook beds we bought (three days later) at the Naidex show.

We have a delivery date now, a week on Monday. We’ll find out if we made a mistake then!


Hope you both find a benefit from them, I find mine very good, would be lost without it.

Pam x

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Just to say- we’ve had our new Laybrook profiling beds now for a week, and we are delighted. Mine is exceedingly comfortable, and the mechanism is smooth and quiet. Great for sitting up, great for raising your lower legs to sleep, and great for raising the whole bed for carers to dress and wash me. Dead pleased.


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Well Don Kev, so pleased for you.

Pam x

Great Kev, well done, really pleased you’re happy with it.

Nina x