New Electric Bed

Well it’s Friday and two vans with delivery guys have arrived, one van is to take away our old bed, one van has our new electric bed. So the first problem arises. Read more.

Wow, what a drama. But you have a new bed. And it’s electric. I’ve always liked electric beds but the circumstances I’ve them in have not been pleasant.

Now I wish you a good night’s sleep.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi AL… sounds fab! Although I can imagine how stressful it must have been!!!

Hope you can sleep on your side again very soon.

Great blog as usual… tweeted it.

Have a good Sunday,

Pat xx


Well as the saying goes…everything comes to those that wait…and now you have your new electronic bed, I am so pleased for you.

Hope your spc settles down and makes a huge improvement in your life.

Onwards and upwards now, great blog, I always enjoy reading it.

Pam x

I LOVE my electric bed. I always hire one when away. Can`t cope wthout one now.



Enjoy your new bed, looks fab!

Love Polly xxx