Profiling bed ? ?

My Neuro Rehab Cons think I’d benefit from a profiling bed because my pelvis is ridged and I’m unable to move my legs or bend my knees after lying still in bed for 7hrs. Once I’m moving it’s ok. Intend to agree with her though as an ex nurse I’m not sure how comfortable an NHS one will be so ideas/suggestions please.

The latest NHS ones are very comfy, my hospital bought new about a year ago. Very different to the old ones, why not try an NHS one if they offer it and you can always go on to buy your own if you find it helps.


Hi, my profiing bed is a hospital one. It works great to help me change my position through the night. There is a big array of mattresses, so trying a few may be necessary.

District nurses or an OT can obtain these beds and mattresses for you.


Thanks for your helpful replies. I’m waiting to see what the O/T suggests.