community bed

Hi everyone. Haven’t been here for a while! Have had lots of things on the go but wanted to ask about a community or hospital bed. I’m concerned about the big gap between the mattress and both the top and bottom of the bed. Every time I raise the bed up it moves the mattress and I end up with all of the gap at the top. It’s big enough for a pillow and one night I even woke up wondering why my head was tilted back to find the pillow was actually falling down the gap! I’ve been told its a common problem, nothing can be done about it because the gap is needed for the mechanism and to jam a pillow in the gap at the bottom! Is there anyone on here who has a community bed and all of this is familiar to them or am I being told a load of old nonsense?!

Hi we have a electric profiling bed no problem with pilot facing down gaps ,but when it’s raised there is plenty room for the cat to go in one off our cats sleeps in bed base .

Bed it’s self is probably one of the best buys we ever made it has a memory foam mattress and it’s real comfy it’s made

Living with this a little easier hope this helps G

Thanks for your post! This is my second profiling bed. I bought my first one and it was worth all the money! I got it with a memory foam mattress and needed it to sit me up. Unfortunately it has a divan base and I now need to use a stand aid. No room for the feet on the stand aid! The district nurse ordered this new bed and don’t really have any complaints but the gap. The gap is there when the bed is FLAT! My mum measured it - when all of the gap is at the top it’s five inches. I feel I’m being robbed off by the stores.

Hi glad this post is up I was wondering about getting one of these beds but wanted to find out how good/bad they were. I suppose that it depends on the bed you get because none of them will be alike. Do you think there is some comfort with them, I will have to get the one that rises hoping to get a pocket sprung mattress as memory foam makes me sweat. Still not sure what to do dither about a bit more.

Hi, I also have a hospital profiling bed. When flat there is only a gap of less than an inch top and bottom.

When the head is raised, the gap widens and yes, the pillow does disappear down the back sometimes. My toy poodle goes down there too sometimes. Dont think anythin can be done to stop it