Adjustable bed advice - profiling? rotoflex?

Hi, hoping for some advice on beds as looking to fit out new downstairs bedroom. At the moment I have a ‘bed lifter’ frame fitted to a standard divan but wondering whether to invest in a profiling bed. My main problems now are that I cannot sit up in bed and I sometimes have difficulty getting in and out and gettng my feet on the floor even holding onto the frame/lIfter. Any experiences? Has anyone tried the rotoflex type bed that turns you and lifts into a sitting position? Have spoken to OT but Beds only apparently available on NHS/social services for ‘medical reasons’ eg district nurse coming in to change dressings etc. Advised to look at whats avilable in standard bed shops.

Thanks, Sandy x

Hi Sandy, well in our are there is a different criteria for getting a hospital type bed from NHS, via and ot or district nurse. I know this as I have done both. My bed does its job well, but doesnt look very stylish and normal`.

I have seen the rotoflex bed on video and yeh, it looks the bees knees, but how much are they? Do they lift in the way a hospital bed does, for carers to be at a safer height when dealing with the patient?

Have you thought further down the road, when hoisting may be necessary, when fitting out this new bedroom? By this I mean consider where the bed will be in relationship to everything else? Dont mean to sound unhelpful with this hun.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll - that is helpful- will think about hoist space. Rotoflex are v. expensive, even reconditioned ones but would invest if of benefit in long run. Think they do height adjust. Know what you mean about style - guess at some point need to go for practical!