Profiling Bed

Lady from Adult Care has recommended I get a profile bed with the ability to lift the whole bed.

(have to pay for it myself!)

I would like a double one. Can anyone recommend where to start looking please?

hi, why cant you get one via OT/social services. If you need it, you should get one.

This doesnt come under a dfg or means test.

They are really expensive to buy…google the subject.

You said you are paying for your wet room floor too. This does come under a dfg and a means test.

Did you see my reply re the altro wet room flooring?

Our`s is still in the garage.

luv Pollx

Presume you are in UK.

It would depend where in uk and what their criteria is for profiling beds are.

I work in care and here (Scotland)there is a certain criteria to meet to get a profiling bed.It used to come under nurses and was only given to end of life/palliative clients. This changed and we can now get them for manual handling issues now tho its not a case of snap your fingers and get one.It boils down to money at end of day and if one available

Have never seen a double bed version in our OT dept if its the ones that bed actually will raise to waist height. If its just the head/feet that can be raised you can buy them yourself and believe they come in a sort of double bed .

Do you require help to get in/out/dressed etc as this would go in your favour esp if paid carers

It would be worth contacting your community OT and see what they can do. Won’t hurt and worse they will say is no

They may also help with other things.

Just wanted to add re wet room. Get the OT’s started with that asap because in this area as its to go through a certain process for funding can take up to 18 months and thats if you fit the criteria!!.

My in laws paid for their own wet room because F in L who had left side weakness from stroke,practically registered blind and age related fraility-could hardly walk he shuffles (88) didn’t meet the criteria!!!

PS. Don’t let this put you off asking as the OT’s will really pull out everything to try to get you what you need .