Double profiling bed

Hi there,

I have been recommended that my husband and I get a double profiling bed as the Social Service thinks it would be better than our normal double bed we have now.

Have you had to get one of these for you and your partner?


Hi, I know these beds can be bought and they have a separate mattress for each side, to enable separate adjustments. I have a single one and hubby has a regular single bed beside me.

But I dont know about getting one via Social Services. Did an OT recommend it? If so, then she will get it for you.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,

At present it is just being mentioned to us.

I got ours from Abberley Adjustable Beds. Can’t praise them highly enough. They make the beds bespoke to order - takes about a month - but because they’re a small, family business, they’re a lot cheaper than buying from the high street, plus you get something that looks like a bed, not a piece of hospital equipment. Definitely worth a look on their website. Heather

Thanks Heather I will have a look