Orthopedic / Adjustable beds

Sorry to ask .

Which Adjustable or Orthopedic beds do you have or can you recommend .

Im going to be getting one in the next few months , im lucky enough not to be having to put my hand in my pocket for it . I would like to know which are the best for the job .

I have stipulated it has to be a large double or kingsize ( im a picky bugger lol ).

So i need a few ideas from yous all please and boy are some of them eye watering expensive .

Best Wishes Iain .

We have two large single profiling bed witch basicly bolt together use separate bottom sheets and king size plus duvet

Works well and very comfy memory foam mattress . I think they are ashley make

hiya iain

nowt to say re a recommendation but make sure u have enough room! that was my error-carers didnt have enough room to get up either side of the bed so i had to downsize to a double. tho hopefully thats years off for you. just thought that i would mention it!