komfi adjustable bed

Just wondered if anyone here has this adjustable electric bed as I am thinking of getting one ?

I must buy one that`s memory foam/latex for pressure relief.  Suggestions very welcome .  J

Hi J

Yes, I have one that lifts your back and your feet up, in fact I tend to sleep almost sat up.

I find it incredibly useful cos if you do sleep led flat, then at the touch of a button you are in a sitting position.

The OT gave me a topper to go on top of the ordinary mattress for sores, but it was useless, so I bought a memory foam one, and I get on great with that.

Hope this helps, take care


Hi Pam,

Do they do a double bed.


Thanks Pam,is your mattress the Fusion plus? Jan x

Hi Chris

Yes, you can get a double one where both sides have controls, so one can go up or down without the other. OMG that sounds awful, sorry, but I am sure you know what I meant!


Hi Jan

I have had it quite a while, but all I know is it is memory foam, sorry. All I can tell you is that when you get up it goes back to the correct position, but I find it really comfy.



Thanks Pam. 

Hi Pam.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Now the big question what do they cost.

Typical Scotsman money comes in to everything.




Thanks Pam.

Guess i had better start saving.

It is my birthday soon so will start droping hints.