Hotels in London or Surrey with profiling beds

Hi all, Hubby has problems now sleeping in ordinary beds so we were wondering whether anyone knew of any hotels guest houses that have the electric profiling bed. It seems asahme to not be able to go away for a weekend at allThanks

Hi I think it’s unlikely you will find any hotel with an electric bed as they are very expensive. Having looked on the web though I did come across a site that will arrange to have rooms adapted in hotels for you. Might be worth a look? The site is here: Hope that helps.

Hi, I`ve found 2 in London, which have electric beds (and hoists).

Just google hotels in London with profiing beds and you`ll see what is available. There may be more than 2, as I only looked for those with hoists.

luv Pollx

Thanks for this I have tried searching and not much coming up. I am not sure whether the Copthorne Tara do them

Hi, yes the Copthorne Tara does and so does the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury. I am hoping to go to the latter next year.


Thanks Poll accordig to an email Copthorne Tara just sent ,me…No they dont. I will call them later.

This was their reply today

l do apologise for the confusion, but we do not have electric beds and we never had electric beds in our hotel.
We have normal sleeping beds and l believe this kind of beds what you require can be hired from an external company.

Now holiday inn are telling me the same… oh well more searching to be done

Afternoon all, We are still looking for the above if you can help.Thanks

Hi again. Just looking back at your post to see if you have found anything.

I rang the disabled holiday firm and they told me no hotels in london have profiling beds and also that they wont allow any rented bones to be brought in.

Best thing is to ring hotel direct about that, eh?

Bet you`re fed up trawling the net, eh? I know, it is very time consuming and tiring, but worth it if you get the right result.

luv Poll

ps still searching!

Hi Poll do excuse my post somehow when i post on this site it doesnt allow me to go to next line. We still have not found a hotel with the profiling bed but there is an organisation that usually work with Premier inn or travel Lodge who do allow beds brought in… The down side is the price I only wanted the bed for 2 nights and the shortest they do is 10 days hire for £167.50 I cannot remember the organisation that can get it on as for me it wasnt worth it.

Hi all

Still no luck for us trying to find anyone in London Kent or Surrey with a profiling bed for a few days break.

Does this mean we will never get a hotel break ever again? Depressed now if that is the case. :frowning:

it does sound bad sadly.

i am just back from blackpool…read my new thread…