sorry, no room (beds) at the inn.

Hi gang.

I must openly apologise to lushkaz(spelling?) and anyone else who took my advice re profiling beds in London hotels.

It has become apparet that I mistakenly said both the Copthorn Tara and the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury have leccy beds… they don`t. They do however, have hoists.

I dunno if I can manage on a regular bed and I will probably try. But I certainly need a hoist and cannot manage at all without one.

The 2 hotels I mentioned do have hoists.

I rang the Holidays for Disabled group and was infomed that no hotels in London have profiling beds. I asked if a rented one could be put in a room and was told no.

Why is this when they obviously realise disabled peope wish to stay in their hotels? It`s only half a job if some of us are barred this way, innit? Methinks a campaign should be forthwith!

Sorry, once again.

luv Pollx

Yeah you should be the leader of the crusade poll. X

You too Em, from what ive just read in your last post. Youre summat special EM.