Holidays or hotels with Electric profiling beds

Happy New Year all,

My husband and I have just had 1 night away in a hotel for our Anniversary but it was meant for 2 nights but he was in so much pain with the bed that we had to cut it short.

Does anyone know of any hotels …holidays where there are Electric profiling beds…It seems so sad to have to stop going away all together.



Hi Jen,

I wouldnt want it to put an end to our breaks I think they are needed for us both.

I will search online.



My hubby built a campervan for me, after the regular ones on the market became no good, as my condition progressed. But even now, our lovely bespoke van doesnt suit my needs. So we had to sadly hang up our camping wellies!

I now go on holiday with 2 carers. I have found that hotels with equipment suited to my needs, are far and few.

Last May we went to a hotel in Blackpool. The rooms have profiling beds, ceiling and floor hoists, commodes and patient turners…everything i need!

Then in Sept we went to a disabled friendly caravan in Filey. It did have the same equipment, but I couldnt join my friends in the lounge, as the hoists wouldnt sit me on the sofa. I needed to stretch out following an operation. Sitting in my wheelchair wasnt great. I actually spent more time in bed than I do at home.

We are booked to return to Blackpool again in May…

After surfing and searching, I cant find another hotel anywhere in England/Wales which has just what I need.

If you are interested in going abroad, I believe there are places with what you need. Just type in hotels for disabled and see what pops up, eh?

Not sure if I can put the name of the hotel in Blackpool here, so pm me if you want to know it, yeh?..or just google that too.

luv Pollx

just wondering whether anyone ever found a London hotel with an electric bed.




Try holidays for all website,picked up their brochure at Donnington yesterday. Poll have a look at

Livability Wales

Alison x

Look up CHUG…an organisation with info in such stuff.

London hotel, in Bloomsbury, Holiday Inn will help you out nowadays too.

New Mayfair in Blackpool very good too

Im going to a new sister hotel of theirs, next year, in Llandudno…The Esplanade Hotel.


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