Physio recommends profiling bed

We have just had a neuro physio round who among many other things has recommended that my wife starts to sleep in a profiling bed as she has developed some small bedsores in the last few months and has increasingly suffered some discomfort in her legs and shoulders when in the bed for lengthy periods.

Having slept together for 35 years we are not keen to sleep apart but will do so if necessary for my wife’s health . However we see issues with me dressing her if she is on a single bed as currently I stack blankets up behind her to support her as I dress her while she sits sideways. Her trunk is too weak to support herself . Also one of the benefits appears to be that she can change the profiling of the bed but the reality is that I’m not sure that she has the required dexterity in her fingers to use the remote control.

How have other people dealt with this issue ? Is a dynamic mattress on one half of a larger bed a practical solution with me sleeping in the other half. I am hesitant to sleep in a different room as frequently she needs me in the night and agin her fingers are unable to use a bell to attract my attention.