getting into bed

Morning everyone,

Having a lot of problems getting in and out of bed at the moment. The ot brought me one of those bed supports that goes under your mattress about a year ago but not really helping now, also have leg lifter but struggle to do both legs with it.

My bottom feels like its slidding off the bed, and if I end up on the floor cannot get back up.

Really work up a sweat and worn out at the end of it!

Any advice really appreciate it.

Thanks x

sorry can’t help but bumped you up

Hi, do you have a profiling bed? if not, maybe an ot would help you get one. They lift your head end and knees up. But lifting you into more of a sitting position, may help you get up/down.

I had a rail put along the wall nearest to the bed, which did help for a while. i would sit on the bed edge and pull myself up with the arm of my commode. But this got too dodgy. I had several falls. Also spasticity worsened and my legs went straight out as I sat.

I now use a ceiling track hoist…but that probably isnbt what you want, eh?

Ask your ot for ideas, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks for your advice Poll :slight_smile:

My legs do that sitting down shoot straight out, and if I fall back on my bed I can’t get back up without help.

It would be nice to be able to sit up in bed, even if I slide down off my pillows I can’t get back on them without a major workout even then I don’t always win.

Also even turning over in bed is very difficult one side is always nearly a no no. Just finding it tough at the moment! The progression really seems to have jumped a big step the past few weeks :frowning:

Once again thanks x

Hi… I’m with Poll re profiling bed! I’ve had your problems for about 2 yrs, n now use one of these beds which I can get in and out of much easier, need a bit of help with legs, but it’s an improvement. Good luck! X Bev