Getting in to bed.


I'm having trouble getting in to bed and wondered if anyone had any solutions to this problem. I can (usually) walk from room to room with my walker. I sit on the side of the bed and often need my husband to lift my legs in to bed but then I'm precariously positioned right on the edge. I'm having trouble turning over in bed too. I have a bed rail which helps me turn to that side but obviously there's nothing in the middle of the bed for me to turn that way.

So, my questions are:

How do I get myself in to the middle of the bed and how do I turn over?

I'm usually quite cheerful about things but this is getting me down as I've previously taken getting in to bed for granted!



Hi Sarah

I have a monkey pole behind my bed and can manage to grab that and turn from side to side, as like you, I cannot do it without. If you have an OT have a word with them, if not ask the GP to refer you, probably difficult at this moment, but definitely worth a try.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

Me too Sarah. The bed handle is great until, as you say, it’s no longer possible to lift your legs up and in. The terror of feeling of sliding off the edge is very real. When I was in the same position as yourself and used a walker etc I got a small step from Aldi. Only a small step up, but it allowed me to grip the bed handle and get my knee on the bed. I sort of face planted the pillow then rolled over. Never a pretty sight but it worked. Same as you now. Husband has to lift legs and when he’s in the bed, has to pull my hand and haul me towards him if I want to turn over. I’ll be interested to read any solutions!

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I have exactly your problem and I manage it by wearing only satin(y) pj’s or nightie and also I have Easy Turn Sheets (try, the easyturn sheets are VAT exempt) :wink: - they are brilliant, I wouldn’t be able to turn in bed at all without them! They’re also SO quick to wash and dry and get back on the bed

I didn’t get on too well with a bed rail by the way, so I concocted my own version by tying a piece of rope to the frame of the bed (underside) and that way I can haul myself across a bit easier. The advantage of that is, that I can hide the rope out of the way - and it cost nothing!



I have not been able to turn in bed for years, I can not wear anything below the waist but pants/nickers! There is no friction with the sheet and me I also have a ‘monkey pole’. Strangers looking at my bed would think what the hell, not many strangers see my room.

We do what we can as best we can, take care folks be safe. M x


Hiya, maybe a bit costly but ditch double bed, get two singles/mattresses/sheets/duvets and put rails either side of one then put together both beds, Brian


leg lifter dor bed? cheap andd effective (for some anyway)


Yep, I have a leg lifter to get into bed and one to get into the car, not simultaneously of course.

You may need to have a specific assessment by an OT. I have a specialised foam mattress as I used to slip off onto the floor with a sprung mattress which was a pain as it took ages to clamber up off of the floor. It got serious one time when the paramedics needed to assist me into bed.

I use two floor/bed rails, one on either side of the bed to aid getting in, out and movement once in

I also had to ditch the double bed and go for a hospital single with rails. I feel so much safer in it and hubby’s bed is right next to it.


Yip, a single bed does it . :slight_smile: x

Thanks for all your comments.

I should have said that we do have 2 mattresses. It’s one of those adjustable beds where we can control our own side of the bed but there’s no room for a rail in the middle.

However, Elaine provided the solution. I ordered an Easy Turn sheet which arrived the next day and is brilliant! I highly recommend them.

So more thanks for all your ideas and may we all have many good nights sleep.

Sarah x

I’m so pleased Sarah. They’re good quality, must’ve had mine for about 8 years now and they’re still going strong!

Elaine x