How to get out of bed?

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I have a problem, I can not make the 90 degree turn from lying in bed, to getting my feet on the ground without physical assistance! With PPMS and a fracture to L1 (lower back). I have looked at ‘rotating’ beds, have you seen the cost? Please tell me someone has an idea/solution?

There is a way to fix this problem.

Take care and be safe M x

Me neither M, and probably many of us here. I can manage to roll on to my left side and with the help of a “handle” (it sits between the mattress and the base ) I can manage to hold myself in position, slide legs off bed and safely sit up.



Bed handles are a great help. I couldn’t manage without one. If you don’t have one, you could ask an OT or physiotherapist if they can get you one. Otherwise, there’s loads of different types. For example:

Obviously this may not solve your problem. There are other things, like rope ladders that are attached to the end of your bed and enable you to pull yourself up into a seated position (assuming you have the strength). Like this: Bed Rope Ladder [VAT Exempt] - NRS Healthcare - NRS Healthcare

Maybe you should ask for assessment by an occupational therapist? Lots of equipment can be provided by them, sadly not electric rotating beds I don’t think!


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Hi M

I have a “monkey pole” attached to the back of my bed that hangs above my head which I pull myself up on, which I use all the time, even to turn myself over in the night.

The OT got it for me when I was in hospital ages ago, and I don’t know what I would do without it. Have a word with an OT and see if they can help M.

Fingers crossed for you.

Pam x

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We have a metal and wood bed-frame so I frequently hold the metal buts to pull myself up.

It’s hard tho!

Sonia x

Hello M.

I use a bed rail. It’s important to have it anchored firmly to the bed. Then I use a banana board to get into the wheelchair. My left side is weak so I have it on the right for my stronger arm.

The bed is a bit too low but I have a gorgeous soft mattress and I hate those hospital type beds.

Best wishes, Steve x

You guys are wonderful, I have a handle. Food for thought much appreciatedM x

I was taught by a neuro-physiotherapist how I could do this.

Bend both legs then, keeping them bent, lay them flat on the side you are getting out of.

It’s easier to get your legs over the edge if they are already bent at the knee.

It takes a bit of practise.

Best wishes,


Do you mean lay on your back and bend both legs at the knee? Upright? Can you do that? I can’t.

It’s more flop on my side, grab one leg and haul it over the edge of the bed (also hanging on to bed rail), then do the same with the other one. And hope that I don’t fall over backwards, and end up with the bed rail out of reach, just laying there hurting (usually wanting a wee too), weakly whimpering for help to sit back up!!

Pathetic, that’s me.

It’s quite amusing when I flop backwards in the middle of the night and land on my husband (and sometimes the cat) though. He (husband not cat) then has to push me back up!


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Same in this house Sue! I needed that smile right now. Xx

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Funny situation one leg out and the other still in bed. If I was 40 years younger and more able/fit it could be thought sexy! I am looking at ‘monkey poles’ I can’t bend my legs or move in bed and sleep on my back. They say like a corpse or a soldier at attention. It’s nrshealthcare that I am looking at with very positive vibes, thanks to you cool guys. M xx

Hi M

I can only tell you my experience and my monkey pole is invaluable to me, it not only enables me to pull up on it, but it also means I can change position as often during the night as many times as I want, and without having to keep waking my poor hubby.

It may not look the prettiest, but that doesn’t worry me one iota, it stands behind the bed and is attached to the headboard. I didn’t get on very well with the rope ladder that came up from the bottom of the bed, as my arms did not appear to have enough strength, but hanging above me was easier.

Wishing you the best and hope you find a solution.

Pam x

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I’ve heard that the slide sheet can be useful. There’s a few clips on youtube etc. and it appears they’re not too expensive x Easi Mover 3 Glide Sheet - 70cms x 70cms - Glide & Slide Sheets : Complete Care Shop

Thanks guys, I think I could manage the monkey pole, don’t care what it looks like! I have contacted the MS nurses just to check not sure if I have an OT? After 11 years probably should have. Take care, be safe love, M

Take it easy M & I hope you solve the turning problem. I was going suggest getting a ceiling hook fitted & a pull rope. There’s some good videos on Youtube of how some folks solve this issue. Having a potters wheel at the side of the bed could work.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

NRS Free standing lifting pole, saw it Monday 14th January ordered it. Arrived 15th and fitted, it works for me stretching hardly used muscles but it works

Grateful, empowered and happy.gang came to my aidM x


Brilliant news M I am so pleased you have a solution.

Pam x