Getting out if bed

Although I can (just) get into bed ok, I find getting out of bed very difficult. I tend to roll on to the floor then push myself up by holding onto something. That works and is ok. Next week we are moving to a new bedroom. The something that I hold onto is a fixture of the old bedroom and can not be replicated in the new room. I’m worried that I’m going to roll out of bed onto the floor and not be able to get up. I can manage a few steps once I have pushed myself to an upright position (as long as I am holding on to something). So my question is how do other people get out of bed. I’m thinking a hoist might help, does anyone use a hoist to get out of bed. I will manage once I am out of bed and in an upright position. How do others manage? Thanks. Cheryl:-)

Hello Cheryl

There are several aids out there to help you.

Some I am aware of are:

  1. Rope Ladder bed hoist - this is a piece of rope which is secured around the bed casters and is used to pull yourself to an upright position when in the bed

  2. Bed Lever - this is placed under the mattress to secure and provides a grab rail to help you get out of bed - I would be stuck without it!

  3. Leg Lifter or Leg Up - hook arouhd your ankle to assist with lifting leg into bed.

Google these for starters. I am sure other people on here will also have suggestions.

It is also worth asking for an assessment by Adult Care & Support - stress you need urgent help to maintain your independence.

I use a bed lever,my OT got me mine, i wouldnt be able to get in and out of bed without it, its a lever that fits under your mattress.and you just grab onto it to assist you in or out of your bed.i also have a leg lifter too, again an OT would get you one.

Hi Cheryl

I have a metal bed lever which slides under the mattress. I find it really useful for pulling myself out of bed, especially as I’ve really deteriorated over the last few months.

The downside of it is, that if you have a divan bed with drawers, you may have to lose at least one of the drawers as the lever (or the one I have) has to be tied round the underneath of the bed.

I got mine from the OT, along with several other adaptations after an assessment, so I would definitely ask for an assessment. You shouldn’t have to be struggling.

Best wishes


Hi, thanks folks, these are all brilliant ideas, and things that I hadn’t thought of, so definitely gonna explore these options. Rolling onto the floor and pushing myself up is fine as long as there is something to use to push myself up. There was in the old bedroom, in the new bedroom there isn’t but this morning my husband has helped design something in the new bedroom that I can use to push myself up (I’ll spare you the details lol) so I am ok for now but the ideas that you all suggest sound much better. Thanks again. Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl, before getting my hoist, I used a bed leaver, a rope ladder and electric bed facility.

my hoist is a ceiling one and works wonderfully well.

luv Polllx

Thanks Poll, I knew you had a hoist, I’m not sure if I’m quite at that stage yet tbh, so I’m gonna explore the other things first. I’ve just kinda got worse over time and never looked for anything to help me, until now. Thanks again. Cheryl:-)