Turning over in bed

Hi everyone, does anyone have advice on how to “roll over” in bed? For some time now I have not been able to change position eg; move from lying on right side to roll over on to my left side. I also have a struggle to get into/out of bed because i am unable to bend my legs. It is very frustrating not being able to change your sleeping position when in bed at night and it’s starting to get me down.

Any advice?


You could try satin/silk pyjamas as they can help you move more easily. There are handles that fit under the mattress so you can grab them if you can pull yourself,which might help,but I think you should ring social services and ask for an OT assessment. They can provide equipment to help you and give you advice too.

I can bend my legs so it's easier for me, an OT will be able to help you although you may have to wait for a referral.


In the exact same position as yourself, had an OT come around last week, trying with the handles and a device for raising the mattress etc, if that fails then they may be providing a special bed.

Agree with advice provided, get the OT to look at your current set-up.

Try to get hold of an Occupational Therapist.  A fairly standard piece of equipment they can supply to you slides under the mattress and provides a grab-rail. 

Try googling "bed grab rail" to see what I am trying to describe.

This has made all the difference to me - I can now turn over in bed and am able to get out of bed a lot easier.


Hi and thank you for the advice. I already have the thing that slides under the bed to provide a grab rail. Unfortunately, I have a kingsize bed with my partner so I only have the grab rail on my side of the bed. Having a second grab rail on the other side of the bed would be impractable since my arms are not that long! Already tried the silk sheets and found it made it more difficult.

I guess I will ask for another OT assement. Had one two years ago but my care needs have significantly increased.

My partner works away from home 3 nights a week and when he is home I feel bad at waking him up when I need to move position. I hate, hate, hate this bloody disease. It’s ruined my life. I cannot live like this.

Hi Hyder

I have a monkey pole given to me by an OT whilst in hospital many years ago, would be completely

lost without it now. 


Whilst I was in hospital last year they would not allow me to have one (due to health

and safety) as they said you might dislocate your shoulder!  I told them I would rather

take that chance, than not have one, but to no avail.  It was a very depressing time waiting

for help each time I wanted to move.


Maybe worth you asking your OT though.



Hi, I wouldve suggested satin sheets, as it helps me turn over. Lying in one position for a long time, is bad as it can lead to pressure sores. Ive recently got a new air mattress (district nurses got it for me within a few days, as they dread pressure sores), plus some gel heel protectors I wore in my sox, when on hols last week.

I think you need to get an OT/ district nurse in ASAP.

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