Any tips for sitting up in bed?

Any tips to help me sit up and read etc when in bed please?

I keep slipping further down and can’t sit myself up again.

Don’t know if this will work for you but it does for me I find putting a stack of pillows behind me, then one under my knees keeps me upright for quite a while. Sue x


I’ve just got two big pillows, that I arrange to prop myself up. One of them’s just a normal, single, head pillow, but the other’s a large, square one. My father, when he was ill, had a V-shaped pillow,which seemed to help quite well, but I’ve no idea what we did with it. He had many useful gadgets I would have liked for myself, like that cushion, and a bath seat, but we didn’t know I was ill back then, so I think a lot of them went back to occupational therapy, if that’s where they’d come from, or we just gave them away to charity.

I feel stupid, now, for not saying: “I would like that!”, but it would have sounded insane, coming from someone nobody knew was ill. What could I possibly have wanted with a load of “disabled” stuff?



Apart from the pillows I have a bed lever from occupational heath - I can use it to pull myself up into a sitting position then use the pillows - again I put one under my knees.

This may work for you - try sitting on a rubber shower/bath mat. I use this method when sitting on the edge of the bed when getting dressed. Stops me sliding off the bad.

How about a “monkey pole” to pull you up, if you have the strength? An OT could help you with that.

I have the same problem, turning over at night is difficult too.

Has anyone had an adjustable bed from their OT? I would love one but can’t afford one.

Hi, see you`ve had some good ideas from others.

Mine`s a bit more adventurous.

I have a profile bed from NHS. It has head up and knees up functions. It also rises and lowers as a whole. I love it. Got it via a social worker. If you`d like to try for one, an OT would assess you for it.

luv Pollx

Hi, have you asked for an assessment from an OT for a profile bed? Before I got mine, I bought a bed from Argos (buy now pay later option), which raises the head and knees, but not the whole bed, which I now need for carers.

luv Pollx

luv Pollx

Another one you could look at is Dycem non slip matting, it’s not cheap however it looks like it could do the trick. Sue x

Thank-you to everyone for all the suggestions.

Your practical advice is appreciated.