Bed Issue

Morning everyone. In the last couple of weeks a new situation has arisen. I have terrible trouble turning over in bed. My right side is the weaker side and I suffer from rigidity in the right side. I take 20mg of Baclofen in the morning before I get out of bed 10mg mid afternoon and 20mg last thing at night.This helps a little but it does not solve the problem of turning over. If I get into bed and lay on my right side or left side I have extreme trouble turning over and cannot at any point lie on my back. This is becoming a real problem very quickly. Does this happen to anyone else and do any of you have any tips? Like I’ve said before this disease is so time consuming! Linda x

Hi Linda

I have the same problem with turning over in bed, the ot in hospital let me have a monkey pole that fits on the back of the bed, and this definitely helps. I tried the one like a rope ladder but this was not stable enough.

Other than that there is a bar by the side of the bed that fits under the mattress, but this only works if you have a bed which doesnt raise your head, ie an electric bed.

Might be worth having a word with your ot for suggestions to alleviate this problem for you. If you do not have an ot, ask your gp or ms nurse to refer you.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

Hello Linda

I have one of the bar things, that Pam mentions at the side of my bed. My gp referred me to the OT, she came and carried out an home assessment.

take care x

I have the same problem and have difficulties getting into bed too.


i dont know what to suggest-sorry-but have read replies with interest…


I have a bed lever that fits under the mattress,it helps me when i have trouble turning in bed,my OT got me mine.

J x

I am also having this issue, so will watch replies with interest!

Has anyone had an electric bed through their O.T?

The monkey bar looks good but I’m not sure I’m ready for something so hospital-y. Stupid I know.