Hi all,

Can I pick your brains please.

Can anyone tell me why even the best pads don’t seem to absorb the odour, it’s driving me nuts & making me feel so self consious about my personnal hygen even though I keep clean.

Or do you think I am being silly & It;s just something I have stuck in my head.

I wouldn’t mind, but these things are so expensive.

I use Wilkinson’s continence pads as they’re the cheapest, the odour probably means you have an infection. I had one for months and because the test came back clear; I didn’t think that it was an infection but it was! I also take cranberry capsules and drink loads of water I also self catheterise and all of these things do help. No I don’t think you are being silly at all, it’s all a case of trying whatever you can to see what works. I would definitly have a urine test done and if it is clear make sure that it’s sent off to the laboratory for more definitive test.

Good luck

Wendy x


I agree with Corkie. If there is a strong smell from the urine then you almost definitley have an infextion. Get a urine sample tested, its ever so easy. Also drink lots of water or squash.

Good luck cos it can make you so self conscious


Know what you mean, especially in the warm weather. Maybe because you are paying you cannot afford to change as often. I get mine free (continence service) and enough to change at least three times over the day. Also they are large so maybe more space helps. Maybe a little paranoia understandably creeping in. I worried a lot too but nobody seems to have noticed at work. I can be confident of that because I work with disturbed children, some of whom will take any opportunity to be unpleasant.

Hi, I use NHS pads…hartmann ones. They do absorb any odours. They are big, but I know they will contain most of the spillage when I have accidents.

I used to buy Tena pads and found they also lock in any odours. How often are you changing them? I am allowed 4 a day, but often use more and then I buy a few until my next delivery.

Why not speak to the continence service?

luv Pollx

Hi, i use tena comfort mini plus, and don’t seem to have any problems. It might be that you need to change them more frequently. Try changing them more often and see if that helps, love Bex xx