Wasn't the Eurovision Song Contest fantastic?

I am breathless!


Personally, I was totally underwhelmed.

But the worst part was the inane remarks made by Graeme Norton (in the appalling tradition of Wogan).

Some countries seem to make no attempt to match a singer and a song (and get both of them wrong).


i sat here with the wife and she said can you remember years ago when we used to watch this all the time(my memory isnt the best) but i said yes dear but thats all that was on the TV back then! thank god things have moved on and we have the www and sky TV!!!

very true mick, bonnie tyler said it all!!!

were we watcing same programe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so I know I’m in the minority here and I should probably be too ashamed to admit it, but… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!! Me and my Dad watched it every year from being a wee thing and we still do, although distance separates us. In fact I’m gutted this morning as I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to convince him that Denmark were not going to win !! I’m just waiting for the smug phone call this morning ! We even have our Eurovision snacks discussed, bought and anticipated the day before. Although, yes, Bonnie Tyler was awful.

ROFLMAO :smiley:

Well I did give it a go…I watched Belarus, Russia and Germany…then I just had to turn it over, as I couldnt stand it any longer. It seems they just want to hear noise, screaming, shouting and the gaudier the costumes the better.

Dreadful truly dreadful.

I never got to see our Bonnie.

And yes, like a lot of you, we used to watch it with pleasure, as a family.

luv Pollx

ps what position did we fall to?

I too am in the minority like Mrs H, but I’ve watched Eurovision for years with whatever members of the family and friends I could gather together at the time! Started listening to it on the radio when I was really small before we got a telly. Have to agree it is mostly dire especially these days, and every year I say I’m not bothering again, then every year a few days before I start organising a get together. Food and cider a must (the latter preferably in copious amounts to take the edge off!)

Used to love multilingual Katie Boyle doing the scores. Yesterday my friends teenage son who joined us was guffawing so much, I ended up with wine coming down my nose from laughing.

I think the rules should be that every country has to reflect something of their culture in their songs instead of the dreadful techno pop rubbish most of them come up with. Hey ho, confession over, here’s to next year!

That is the only thing that would make me vote for UKIP; if they put in their manifesto to not enter or show that ridiculous programme on TV.


Firstly, as a seasoned traveller, who does not go to tourist hotspots, I absolutely disagree that Europe is culture less. You just have to get off the tourist trail and see the real country, the people and embrace their real culture and way of living. And I take great offence to the comment about Graham Norton. Ok so he’s not exactly macho but a nicer, more genuine guy you could not wish to meet.

Ultimately what is the point of this contest when all it showcases are talentless songwriters and performers the majority of which are way past their sell by date. The musical landscape changed in 1976, surely it’s time for the BBC to acknowledge this!

Because 9.2 million people across the UK watch it !! Fairly decent bet for the beeb.

I LOVE the Eurovision, it’s trashy, it’s glittery, it’s camp, it’s rubbish but that’s what makes it fun .

It needs to be planned as an event - nuts, crisps, flags and drinks of choice!!!

Bonnie was rubbish , like someone’s drunken granny at a Christmas party.

No idea what ‘multi gender’ means? As in more than male and female??!!!

Loved Graham Norton, he’s filled Terry’s shoes very well, thought the Swedish host Petra Mede did a fantastic job - roll on Copenhagen !!!

My 19 year old son and I love watching it because it’s so trashy. The bulk of the voting is political and openly so, - ‘Our 12 points go to our neighbour …’ he he he. We have a bit of a sweepstake on who the 12 points will go to from each country …

I thought the Swedish host Petra was really funny, her tongue in cheek comments had us in stitches and the little musical number in between the last entry and the voting was hilarious - if only every country did a musical number about their culture which wasn’t too serious the whole show would be so much better.

Of course, if you down some strong beer during the programme it does help but since Saturday night TV is usually a choice from 30 channels of rubbish anyway it made a change to have something that was quite amusing.

I’m sure we’ll be watching again next year and alternating the groans with the hysterical laughter - that’s what makes it so great

Tracey x

But that’s my point !! Industrial estates, factories etc hardly reflect the culture of a country. When we have foreign visitors I don’t take them to visit the A1, the Team Valley Trading Estate or the Metrocentre…I take them to Hadrians wall, the Farne Islands, Holy Island, Alnwick Castle etc. Maybe we’ve been lucky but I have never yet been anywhere that I haven’t experienced the culture, the people, the lifestyle…but then again maybe that’s equally a conscious choice, to explore the origins of a country. I once made the mistake of visiting Zakynthos after our Greek friends insisted that we see what tourists insisted on. Parts of the island were absolutely idyllic and beautiful but in the tourist hotspots it was all English beer, English breakfasts, pub meals etc. You could have been in England …bar the weather !! But apparently it’s what "we"want !! Families queuing outside McDonalds when round the corner was a lovely taverna selling homemade, fresh food !!

Wasn’t Romania worth all the trouble?