does anyone else share this opinion about x factor?

hi all

i am sitting here enduring the x factor with my lovely wife, and because my lovely wife wants to watch it. i have to ask if anyone else thinks it is a load of crap, and that simon cowell’s grip on the itv schedule is a frightening indictment of modern music and the state that its in???

just a thought…

best wishes fluffyollie xx

Utter, utter woeful crap!!!

I’m fortunate in that neither me nor OH want to watch it. So sorry for you fluffyollie, I trust this is the only gripe you have with your lovely wife! And at least you care enough to sit through the crap for her



My wife and daughter are glued to this rubbish while my son and I are having much more fun discussing proposed changes to the LBW rule. We do live life on the edge in our house lol.

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To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched it, but I’ve always thought of TV talent shows as the lowest of the low, and a throwback to the 1970s, and Opportunity Knocks.

Sad that weekend primetime viewing has not moved on from this in 40 years, and shows a real lack of imagination and innovation.

Not my cup of tea in the slightest.

I’ve been saved by the now regular continental drama slot on BBC4, on Saturday nights. Before that, weekend TV was a cultural desert. Even that is variable, with few acquisitions living up to the original cult hit, “The Killing”. But most of it’s watchable enough to while away a couple of hours, when there’s scant other choice.


Whats X factor?

Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon cuddling up?

I agree. It’s crap. I watch it but it is outstanding crap. :slight_smile:

Don’t watch it, I can’t stand the screaming audience and the oh so false judges trying to build up tension.

My guilty secret is Strictly

Jan x


doesn`t Simon look a tramp!


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Not interested in watching “X-Factor” or “Strictly” on a Saturday evening, and coz I live alone, no-else wants these travesties on !!

Quite happy with “Pointless” and then re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory” for my early Saturday-evening TV entertainment (…and sometimes “Irish TV” on Sky).


My wife watches from it, but we sky+ it…so I don’t have to. I hate the auditions though. Laugh at the people that can’t sing. What’s different between that and laugh at person whose fat, wrong hair colour, wrong accent etc… oh it’s ok, ladies of a certain age and pretty/in crowd love it, must be brilliant. Beige beige beige. Same songs. Same results. Utter shite. Right, i’ll get off the fence now. Don’t get me started on the apprentice… …

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X Factor has had its day…it is so contrived and staged that i despair with tv… Simon Cowell really thinks that the British viewing public are idiots and maybe we are, for watching it…

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Oh please get started on The Apprentice, Strictly, and any other reality dross you can think of. I can only just about bear Grand Designs!

that’s very sweet of you sue- i tend to get things done in the kitchen whilst it’s on. it is the only major gripe i have, mercifully! x

me too jan ;0)

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totally- although i am sure his acolytes tell him what he wants to hear though… god forbid anyone may differ in opinion. what makes me laugh is that he is credited with co-authorship of the theme, along with three other people- having heard it more times that i care to admit, i find it hard to believe its taken 4 people to ‘write’ it, and secondly that he knows one end of an instrument from another…

Definitely some perks to living alone, aren’t there, Dom?

Don’t have to sit through tripe you’d never dream of watching. I suppose if I were married/cohabiting, I would, in all likelihood, have to watch some form of sport, as there don’t seem to be many chaps who don’t like it at all. The only one I don’t mind is Wimbledon, but even that seems to have palled for me over the years. I’m not sure if it really is less exciting than it used to be, or I’ve been mostly unlucky in the matches I’ve chosen to follow, or I’ve just lost the taste.


totally with you carraboy…

You’re right there Tina, my OH retired from work 2.5 years ago. Until then I could watch all the box sets I cared to during the day, and I’d sky+ whatever I wanted to watch that he wasn’t keen on. Then he retired. Now there’s all kinds of sport on during the day that I never dreamed were on: cricket - and when the Indian Premier Leagues on that’s no joke, cycling - there are cycle races across all sorts of places, even (my worst) golf. Pretty much the only time I put my foot down is Monday nights, I always watch University Challenge and Only Connect. Luckily we do like the same thriller series’ and films. And I have discovered that it’s very easy to read while cricket is on, the commentary is really quite low key!

I’d still prefer all the sport in the world to Simon Smug Cowell!

And I should add, I actually love him being home all the time!!


simon is not so daft eh?! hes even got folk that dont like him/the prog talking about it!

ellie (who is stuck in bed today and thankfully nowhere near a tv!)

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