Strictly time again

I saw an ad for Strictly yesterday, with some of this years line-up. Couldnt think of their names. Anyone know?

Or just for fun, who would you like to see competing?

Howsabout Peter Andre, Sarah Millican, Recently deceased Val Pollard, Liz from Corrie…or ???

C`mon give us your ideas, yeh?


PS strictly signifies winters on its way for me and I really will give winter nil points dahling!


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x factor means to me that christmas is nearer than i would like, as the finals a few weeks before xmas.

J x

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Just typed a list of this yers, then lost it, but anyway Kirsty Young, Jeremy Bowen,Chris Kamara,Jeff Stelling and Lucy Worsley. For what it’s worth.

Autumn - bah humbug! - the return of X factor, Strictly and closing the curtains at 8 o’clock.

I go out in the evening a couple of times a month and I relish the light summer nights. I’m out tomorrow and I know that although it will be light when I go the street lights will be on when I come back at 9.30 (hardly a dirty stop out!) I will have to brace myself for the reactions of one or two people who think if you use a wheelchair you should be tucked up in bed when the street lights are on.


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I’ve started ballroom lessons Poll so I think I should be on it. Can I have Anton please?

JBK xx

No. I want Anton JBK! Or perhaps we could take it in turns as we are twins!!!

Shazzie xx

Anton gives me the creeps… it maybe his cold, dead eyes that does it… At least he only looks creepy unlike Simon Cowell who is the musical antichrist and so self-absorbed that it’s a surprise he doesn’t implode.

My dream ‘strictly’ list would have to include Norris from Corrie, Phil Mitchell, Gillian McKeith, Bella Emberg and Mr Tumble for what its worth…

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Oh yeah!!! Definitely MrTumble.

Mags xx

Strictly and X Factor means that we are back into dark nights again- gee I love the Spring…

Cheers guys!

I love Anton…such a gent and naturally funny. He always gets the duff celebs. Sorry, Shaz and J.BK!

I do like Claudia, but I wish someone would giver deportment lessons and a better fashion sense. She looks such a dork next to Tess.

Ordered my pink diamante tutu and sparkly 5 inch stilettos.



Hahahahaha Poll!!! I am sure JBK and me could give him a run for his money. He really makes me laugh. I was hoping he would take over from Bruce. Sure he would have done a better job than tweedle dee and tweedle dymb!!


Waaaaaiittttttt… (one for cbeebies watchers)

That’s a coincidence Boudica… :wink: My sister has sat on the pink sofa. (She took some patients there from Headley Court and met Anton and the tribe)

Hey, I reckon he’d be a good presenter.


it’s got a bit predictable - needs updating.

Would like to see same sex couples taking part.

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not long to wait…saturday will be pairing up night…I know, I`m a Strictly nut job!


So Poll did you watch the launch show Saturday night? I can’t wait for the series proper to begin. During the group dance I was desperately trying to see which celebs can actually dance …

I took my best friend to see Brendan’s live show as her birthday treat back in February. He divulged some of the backstage secrets. He told us that Anton has to be out of the show by Christmas because that is when he starts his live tour! Suddenly I didn’t feel so sorry for Anton any more.

Tracey x

Would love to see Russell Crowe taking part - not a lot of people know it, but he’s a very good dancer.

And…what is more, he’d be happy to dance with a same sex partner.