strictly fans!......not ms

So, what about KevinfromGrimsby?..superb Paso, definitely not my favourite dance, only other I’ve ever liked was on Dancing with the Stars (stupid theme week) and was a ‘futuristic’ Paso by Derek Hough…I’m sure that wasn’t the usual band, lol, do you think that is fair? much as I liked it I think others would also do better with recorded music, some of the ‘interpretations’ have been abysmal (realise they have to arrange for shorter routines etc.)

Well, must apologise for that, apparently it WAS Dave Arch’s band…so the big question must be whay do they not use ‘traditional’ ballroom music every week?, when it is THAT much better!

Perhaps they wish to appeal to a wider audience so the choice of music goes across the board. Do the dancers choose their own music to suit their choreography and their partner’s strengths and weaknesses? Much prefer the old traditional music as well. Used to love strictly but now find listening to Sir Bruce somewhat irritating - thank goodness for the mute button. Blackpool certainly added some magic.

I like to watch the dance routines and listen to the judges comments so I record both programmes and fast forward through al the boring stuff.

Great idea Blossom - wish I had thought of that.

Not sure about rthat, I know I’ve heard young (soapcelebs and WAGs) say they’ve never heard some of what is chosen even ‘contemporary’ stuff, so not sure that the ‘younger’ audience would either! I think Natalie said she didn’t know’s Bang bang…even I know that one, but I do have a soft spot for and being ‘down with the kids’ like, I saw the Black eyed peas, years ago!..unintentionally, lol

I am a crazy Strictly fan…but I fell asleep and missed Natalie`s dance…these new pregabalin are to blame!

Have to catch up on u tube.

I`m not a fan of the singers, think they are terrible at times.

I miss Flavia and Vincent. Why aren`t they on now?


I watch it just to see Ola dance. I think she’s a lovely mover.

I agree with Dinks, wider audience :slight_smile:

Also, as someone who loved to dance (not so long ago), variety is the spice of life!

It’s a bit different to ballroom but I taught pole dance classes and whilst most of my ipod was full of chart stuff for general appeal to my students, I would slip in all sorts of other stuff… even had stictly/x-factor/DOI themed playlists and the like and my collection spanned about 40 odd years. Some of my favourite songs to dance to were quite random so I can understand why they do what they do on Strictly - but I agree, they occasionally murder the vocals!

One of my favourite tracks to dance to is Ravel’s Bolero (I’m a massive Torville & Dean fan) and even tho you wouldn’t expect it, it does work well on the pole and makes a refreshing change from Rihanna!

A couple of years ago I had a couple of ladies in their 50’s in my class and I set weekly homework, they had to try to show me a ‘strictly’ inspired step or move each week :wink: I can Tango quite well with a pole, OK, I could!

I’ll stop waffling now, getting over emotional watching Black Swan recorded from last night, I watch Strictly with far more interest now. The worst bit is that I am soooo judgemental and that reminds me, I love that Darcey is on the panel now :smiley:

Sonia xx

Hi, I think it was about right that Fiona went last night.

Although Mark is a big lad, he can move alright. And he does put a lot of effort into it.



I know what you mean about strange combinations of music and dance. I have done belly dancing for 8 years and I had planned a solo for this years concert - to Soul Bossa Nova (think Austin Powers). It works perfectly. I’ve also done belly dancing to Moulin Rouge and to techno music. Unfortunately my legs have been very dodgy since August so hopefully next year.

I like the mix of musics in strictly. You can get two people doing - for example - a tango and one can be very traditional and one can be very modern.

JBK xx

Yeah, it quite surprises me how much he can move! He’s brilliant at bringing character to it too :slight_smile:


JBK, it’s a killer isn’t it, there’s still a pole up in my dining room! The only thing I can do with no problem at all, is a lazy walk, cos I get to hold the pole for balance and dragging my feet is what’s supposed to happen :wink: I cannot part with it just yet and I can use it to exercise on, the fact it can be used to help me balance is possibly one of the reasons I was good at it in the first place, I have ALWAYS been clumsy lol

I went to one belly dance class, I coped pretty well with it but ironically, I felt really self-conscious with a lot of it. I hope you can get back to it soon :slight_smile: The tune I was last trying to get a routine sorted for was Red Astaire - No mo. I saw someone had laid the track over a dressage test on youtube, it was excellent as the horse danced in prefect time to it :wink: I’ll message you the link as the lyrics are a bit naughty.

Sonia x