And You Are?

Hello all, I am just wondering if there was anyone else who had tuned into the new Strictly and hardly recognised any of the contestants? I recognise the vicar who used to be in The Communards and a few other folk look vaguely familiar (like Debbie McGee), but aside from that the BBC really does seem to have hit a drought. Has anyone else got the same problem?


there are so many celebrity versions of programmes that we’re all out of celebrities!

hooray for that!

carole x


Hello Moira,

I must admit the word “who” was probably used a lot during last nights launch. Trouble with most BBC ‘celebrity’ shows is if you don’t watch soaps, are no longer keeping up with pop music, don’t watch Casualty/Holby City or breakfast/daytime telly you’ll probably struggle to recognise a lot of contestants, this year the the papers reported the “strictly curse” meant the Beeb struggled to get participants.

But fans of the show will still enjoy the dancing anyway no matter how bad it is.

Hi, I am a great Strictly fan and most years, I dont know who many of the celebs are.

But it only takes me a couple of weeks to get into who is who.

I miss some of the old professionals.

And the year the gorgeous Gleb appeared for the one season only, I was gutted!

He was a real bit of male eye candy.

oooh Boudica…you are naughty…


Hi Carole, you might be right; that there are so many celeb shows to choose from. I don’t watch any soaps either, so I am bound not to recognise anyone anyway. Hi Dollydaydream, I am sure you are right and that I willk soon bond with a few contestants. I didn’t know that there is always a Strictly Curse though. Hello Poll, I totally agree that there is often a good amount of male totty on screen and as far as I can remember, Gleb really was a sight for sore eyes (MS or not). Let the show commence! Moira

The Strictly Curse refers to the relationship brake ups the previous participants have gone through after taking part! The most recent one being Louise and Jamie Redknapp

You Girls I am almost embarrassed ALMOST! plenty for us chaps to look at to. This crowd of celebs got me asking Heather “who is that” “or what’s he in?” but it is all about the dancing … isn’t it?

What annoys me is that Inspector Mantalbano on BBC 4 clashes with Match of the Day I love the sub titled shows on BBC4 .

right I am going to lay down in a darkened room and think of Stricktly and I am not going to be thinking about the guys!!!


For me, the interest is seeing how far the “Spoiler” gets before being voted off. The Spoiler is the wellknown name who defies all the efforts of the Pro and still performs like a shire horse. They last long enough to get voted back over someone with a bit of an idea who might make it to the final (and upset the bookies predictions). Ed Balls and Ann Widdecombe spring (well lumber) to mind. Geoff

It`s the vicar this time, methinks!