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I thought there would be loads of posts about People’s Strictly for comic relief on bbc one last night. All I can say if you didn’t watch it go on to bbc iplayer and watch at least episode 2. Trishna Bharadia from ms society is selected for all the good work she has done for MS. So nice to watch (& brought a couple of tears) If nothing else it raises awareness for ms. :slight_smile:

Hi Minnie,

I did manage to watch it, even though I was ill.

Good luck to her, its great she can do what she does for MS.

Like anyone with this illness you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, while she fit and able enough, GO FOR IT GIRL!.

Raising awareness a good thing.

It is back on tonight, so will be watching.

Cherry x

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I shed a few tears for all the contestants, what is it about people who achieve good things that brings a tear to the eye. I cry at The Great North Run, The London Marathon, The Olympics… and that’s only the happy things

I agree it will bring awareness but will it also make people think…“she’s ok, I don’t know what all the fuss is about” I get fed up with people telling me how well I look and how lucky I am to have “it mild” that’s till they see me trying to stand up and walk with out falling flat on my face.

Good luck to her I hope she enjoys it and does well, she seem to have a very bubbly personality.

Jan x


I do agree with you on this, I’m on the sick from work at the minute and am dreading going back next week as I think quite a few people will think I should be doing these things as someone else is. Fortunately, I do work with a few people who know MS is different for everyone, so a lot of the groundwork will have been done in setting some of them straight (will have this battle and the stem cell one on my hands).

Hopefully the differences in people with MS gets put across during the programme.

Cherry x

I agree with you there Jan. I watched it and my thoughts were that people will think I’m making more of this illness than I should. Good luck to the lady in question. I just hope it doesn’t give false ideas that ms is nothing and one can live in perfect harmony with it. I’m going down hill fast and will admit that I was a tad envious of her

I forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder min…will use catch up

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I shed a few tears on the 1st episode as well, i cry a lot at happy things & even more at sad things. I never use to cry so much.

The expert that they showed did say she could end up in a wheelchair, so hopefully that comment alone will make people think more about MS, that its not black & white.

I thought Trishna was inspirational and beamed positivity - loved it, and can’t wait to see tonight’s episode, and then next week when they are dancing in front of the judges and audience - truly motivational stuff

Thank you Trishna Bharadia!



Didn’t watch it, but this was posted on the Barts Blog this morning.

I really enjoyed it, all of the contestants have done well. But its so good to see somebody in the MS community getting recognition, I hope she does well. I hope that she inspires others & raises awareness.

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l have loved seeing all these wonderful people being chosen to dance ‘The Strictly Way’ - and last night Trishna and her family were such lovely folk. But as for letting people see what MS is about - well how many of us can do what she did. And will the public think this is what MS is all about. Obviously, she has RRMS - which is very different from PPMS/SPMS. She did say that fatigue was her worst problem. And she is training to do the Jive - the most energetic dance of all.

Then the neuro consultant said that most people with MS would be most likely in a wheelchair 10yrs in. Now this must be so alarming to all the newbies. MyPP MS came on 32yrs ago. Lost use of left arm/leg/face/speech terrible vertigo - loss of control of bladder/bowels. Looked as if l had suffered a stroke. Did regain my speech eventually.

No, l thought it gave the public the wrong idea of MS. As much as l admired her - l do not think she did us any favours. Just hope she takes care and does not make her MS any worse.

Just spent 5hrs at City Hospital B/ham for a bone scan. lts an hours journey. Sat reading a health magazine - and in the letters page there were two letters from people whose relative has MS - and they were talking about assisted suicide!!! l nearly tore the page out. Wish l had now.

I agree spacejacket but what he said was that the worse case would be that she could be in a wheelchair, after filming consultant all morning they cut it to a couple of mins. After showing how much she can achieve I think it needed to show how bad ms can be. I think they should have said how it affects everyone differently as I suspect people will be thinking that I should be able to do what she does but that aside I think its great that she does so much. Hes actually my consultant and he really cares about his patients and ms xx

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Its still early days yet, there are two more programmes to go and I suspect probably plenty of interviews, hopefully, more people will become aware and the differences in MS explained in more detail. C x