Title and Group (not MS)

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things

We can do the tango just for two

I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings

Be your valentino just for you

easy peasy

Queen loverboy. i used to sing this often.

Tsk, fancy posting while most of us are busy watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony

Meantime, I must’ve been living in a parallel universe for a few years - Brian May’s grey hairdo came as a complete shock last night.


Right juju; you win the sloppy French kiss except it should be Good Old Fashioned Loverboy.

Lolli although I think the Olympics were the best and although I dislike their politics Coe and the village idiot (the Mayor of London) did a brilliant job.

I was a little ashamed of the closing ceremony. Lets be honest the only thing wrong with the opening sorry to say was Macca’s voice and the closing was just a parade haggard; grey haired; past their sell by date pop stars. Ray Davies brilliant in his prime; The Spice Girls; well say no more. The only one who can still put on a good show is George Michael.

Bowie had the right idea; keep away. Still mustn’t moan; everyone except the French thought the whole Olympics was good.


Bet it cost more than the budget?

Yep, agree with you on most of that, though Ray Davies’ voice was still good (waaaaay better than Macca’s at any rate) and I quite enjoyed the Spice Girls.

But, apart from giving us one last chance to see all those amazing athletes from around the world, it was just one big pop concert, nothing clever, nothing to celebrate. Hmm, unless all the ‘stars’ did it for free, in which case I’ll change my tune and say it was amazing.

Politicians will be blaming the Games of the XXX Olympiad for every economic woe from here to the Games of the XL Olympiad in 2052 and beyond.


P.S. Jas due home soon, allegedly.