Wow - what can you say ?  Was it FAB or WHAT !!!

Robbie Williams, well what can you cay about him.... (LUST)...

What a SHOW.. done in true British Style.

What a finish !

Made me proud to be british.. and yes I sang GOD SAVE THE QUEEN at the end



was fantastic great to be british..... tc .

Loved it !!!!

Was sitting here on my own, jigging in my arm chair, with a glass of wine (or two!)

Feel good factor.


Here, here, proud and British, we do put on a good show. Shame about Prince Philip though.



Totally agree...and my hero Elto was amazing!!!!!

Loved it, we are so good at putting on a great show; huge thanks to Gary Barlow for getting so many brilliant artistes together.

(All power to the guys tonight to get all packed up/cleaned up ready for the procession tomorrow!)


i really enjoyed the programme of gary barlow travelling all over the commonwealth to find singers and instrumentalists for the song. the whole jubilee thing has been a joy to watch. and didnt the queen look happy on the flotilla?


carole x

I have just watched it on I player brilliant, but I am sorry Cliff about time you hung your boots up Karen

Ooh! IPlayer, never thought about that Karen! Only caught the last half-hour and still blubbed my eyes out! I'll be looking like a prune tomorrow! happy


Thought it was excellent, not useually into that sort of thing but really enjoyed it. ( well I had to the girlfriend wanted it on ).

Anyway what do you think could it be Sir Gary Barlow ?


was a great show! Would have loved to be there (atmosphere)

Karen you made me laughhappy. I watched it all but when Cliff came on i decided i had time to wash the pots! LOL!

Teresa. x

Think he’s def due some sort of honour - he has done a couple of these concerts now (he organised one for Children in Need a few years ago), and the work he put into that song was amazing, although nobody would have realised had there not been a documentary made about it…

Thought it was a fantastic lineup, something for everyone, Grace Jones was bizarre, but it must have taken some doing to hula hoop throughout her entire song, and keep in tune.

Luisa x

.....So if someone buys Cheryl a hoola hoop, maybe she'll be able to sing in tune

You never know… Her singing was unfortunate, sure she can do it right, but maybe years of autotune and miming have taken their toll on her live performance.

Was glad to see that Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Stevie Wonder and Elton John have still got it - maybe the less said about Paul McCartney and Cliff Richard, the better.

L x

Amazing!  The whole weekend of events was excellent.

Hope Phillip make a good recovery, felt sorry for the boss when he wasn't there on Sunday night  :)


I thought it was brilliant, I loved Madness on the roof of the palace. I went to make a pot of tea while Will.I.Am everywhere was on and emptied the dishwasher when Cheryl was ' singing ',apart from that I loved all the clebrations. Made me proud to be British!

I recorded it and only watched some of the crumbling pop relics of my youth.  Stevie Wonder and Tom J were terrific.  Paul McCartney and Elton John just cannot sing for toffee any more.  How can they not know this?  I suppose a combination of a bloated ego and plenty of people telling you are wonderful and a national treasure blunts the self-critical faculties!

But never mind.  It was a cracking show.  Very enjoyable.



I did enjoy it, but did think that some the acts were past their best.