VE day concert !!!!

Did anyone else see the VE day concert on BBC last night ?

it was fantastic it really was, and when Jane Horrocks read that soldiers letter to his mother,it was so touching, i cried for a long time after,

it was very emotional but so very lovely,it made me think about my grandparents, and my parents ,i am so pleased i watched it,it must have been amazing to be there,if you missed it watch it on catch up if you can,you will love it.

J x


That sounds brilliant Mrs J.

It has reminded me that throughout all of the country, in every provincial museum (sometimes part of the civic centre) and every town centre there are many reminders of the second world war. A lot are in the form of soldiers letters. They’re very touching and humbling. It shows how widespread the consequences of war can be.

For the 50th anniversary of VE day, I gathered all my year 3 class into the school secretary’s office and listened to my mum’s account of the actual day via speaker phone-no skype then!

Best wishes, Steve x.


Here is the link to Jane Horrocks reading that letter.

Incredibly moving.

Pat xx


It was fantastic Mrs J and yes I cried as well. My thoughts centred on my wonderful Dad who lost a leg in that war and, unfortunately died at a young age because of it.

Watching the service this morning on BBC and crying again.

Thank you to all the people for making our today better.

Pam x


yes Pam it was really emotional,my Mum and Dad were 22 and 23 years old ,on VE day,sadly no longer with us,

was such a shame Dame vera Lynn wasnt there,she will have been watching though.

J x


It was a wonderful program…very moving!

Nina x