eurovision......not ms!

Well, someone had to!..does that song by Engledink Humperdunk sound like, Mother or Mine? yes the one from Op Knocks winner years ago, or is it just hubby and me who think so?..surprisingly both said so at the same time (wasn’t sure he was actually ;istening to the radio at the time) lol

Alison x

Not heard it yet Maude, gosh he is a blast from the past lol x

Now iIve said that, you’ll be listening for it!..I’m sure…lol!

I most definitely will lol x


Yeah, I cannot believe that old Englebert YerHumpStinks is representing the UK in Eurovision - they haven’t stopped playing it on Radio 2 - it gets played every day!

Steffi x

HY, i think it was wee Neil Reid that sung “mother of mine”


John, I think you are absolutely right, I think even Little Jimmy Osmond recorded it too. B side of his greatest ‘hit’…I really shouldn’t know that, lol

Alison x

Engelbink Doodlebug? Flippin eck! he must be 102 now!

luv Pollx

Such a shame as once again we’ll be last again!!