christmas giggle...not ms

My mother has just been and was telling me about my great nephew Charley and how funny he iswith his toy guitar and microphone,copying Ned Sherrin, she obviously meant Ed Sheeran, had to wait until she’d gone to have a good laugh!

Alison x


Bless her! but we knew what she meant! ha ha ha!

My 11 year old son has fallen out with me today

What have i done?.. I have refused to let him open his presents before xmas day!

I am such an awful mother!!!


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Yes Teresa, how could you be so mean? They’d have a very boring day wouldn’t they? if they got their own way! My mother says these things with such confidence, which makes it even funnier! (no disrespect to Ned Sherrin of course)

Alison x

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An elderly lady I know was telling me what her ‘subtractions’_were like when she was in labour with her children!


May be the one I knew, who had her hormones out, sounds about right! lol

Mrs Malaprop lives!

OK I will own up to this one, I once asked, in Tesco where the springling spark water was! never mind, caused some hilarity on a boring Wednesday afternoon!

i love springling spark water!