It's nearly Xmas because ..............

…I’ve got my wonderful Christmas bonus from those wonderful Elves at the DWP.

Have you got yours?


yep got mine on Tuesday, now what shall i buy with it…no idea, whats everyone else doing with theirs? Lisa x

Hi Marty, yes I’ve got mine. Not surecwhat I’ll spend it on. Cheryl:-)

Hiya Lisa and Cheryl

Well us three have got ours. Sooooooo let’s pool our bonus resources and throw a little party. Eh?

Erm, just thinking about the amount. It might need to be quite a little party. LOL!


Erm…just adding up for the amount for a party. I think we will make our own butties.


Well I got the grand total of £10. for my bonus, so I bought some Oyster Bay wine. I don’t drink much, but my sister does and she is cooking the Christmas spread.



i have not got mine yet…

when i do i will use it to help get my prescription of one curly wurly every night at 9pm…it works-have lost nearly 5 stone so far

ellie x ps i will get my carer to make few sandwiches for ur party-what filling do u require?

Ellie, I don’t know? What will my Christmas tenner get me? Crisp butties?

Curly Wurly. Is that the Cadbury one? I haven’t had them for years. I have to be careful here as I will start a thread about sweets and chocs from aeons past.

Marty - Thinking nostalgic thoughts!

My boys have spent mine, and more. It seems to be an endless “Mum, can I have…?” at the moment. Must be almost Christmas.