Christmas bonus

Hello everyone

I hope all are as well as can be, I was just wondering if anyone else got their Christmas bonus this year for DLA or PIP as I seem to have been missed out this year :frowning:

I struggle speaking on the phone so I thought I would ask here before I call them about it.

thanks x


Not had mine either.


Thank you for the reply chocorange, have you got you’re Dec payment for DLA or PIP yet? As it’s meant to be with the first payment and I got mine and my next payment is 29th Dec :frowning:

Sorry I see now you’re name is Ellie sorry about that


dont worry about what you call me, i dont mind.

have not had dec payment. they also send a letter confirming the payment usually.

chocorange/ellie/hey you…

My payment is tomorrow so will check then but i expect its mr osbourne saving money form us all.

Well no choc oranges for me this year.

Take care all . Katy

Thanx everyone! I would not be shocked but have got it since 2006 with no fail, the only thing different this year is that I now get income rated ESA and also severe disabled premium which I wonder if either of them make a difference.

Hi, I won’t know till I see my next bank statement, but I’ve had my letter re £100 heating allowance. Nice!


No extra money in this months payment . Katy

i got my letter this morning it will be included in next weeks payment might be your letter is caught in the post and you will get it soon .


i got my letter this morning,

my £10 will be paid into my bank account by 8th december.

carole x

Mine was paid today.