Hi everyone, and a Happy New year to you all, sorry to go anon a bit embarrassed, I get the higher rate moblity + middle rate care, now the care allowance only came in this year, so I not sure if this is the reason why I didn’t get the normal 10.00 xmas bonus, does anyone know anything about this, thought I’d ask on here before I rang on Monday, I’ve only just recieved my bank statements and there’s nothing showing on that, thanks, anon x x

Hello. I’m on the same as you, high mobility middle care, and I had my £10 a few weeks before Christmas? It was a stand-alone payment too, not amalgamated into benefit payment, so would be easily noticeable on a bank statement. Edan.

just ring them and tell them you didnt recieve it,when you should have done, it happened to me once,and they checked and apologised and it was then paid in,mines usually a £10 seperate payment.paid the week of my IB.

thank you for you’re replies, I will ring on Monday, x