Christmas bonus - ESA and DLA

Hi all, I haven’t been paid my ten pound bonus payment this year so just thought i would let people know so they can check that they received theirs during December. Four phonecalls later to the DWP I think I have finally managed to get it sorted. It is the first time in 15 years that they have messed up. It may only be a tenner but it is the principe and I reckon they are trying to save money and hope people do not notice!

Ta for the prompt! got our`s ok.

luv Pollx

Got mine okay too, but who know’s for next year with all that’s going on!! xx

Got mine as well it was paid into my incapacity benefit. Have read on the net that some people received a letter to say there money was being paid, I didn’t and in all the years never have. Glad you got yours sorted x

I am currently chasing my ten pound phoned dla last night only to be told I should of got it in my ESA payment then phoning ESA this morning to be told dla should of payed it sooooooo frustrating does make u think " do one actually know what the other is doing ?"

Same here and have now given up its gonna cost too much in phone calls x

if you phone from bt line i think the phone call is free…or i hope it is lol