Warm Home Discount scheme UK only!

Hello lovely MS people found this out today and hope it might help some of you so sharin XXX

Warm home discount of £120 is available to people on IS who receive DLA for themselves or a child that lives with them all depends on your supplier but Ive just applied for mine through EDF and here is the link to the page that lists all the suppliers just click on yours to see if you can get this too! there may be different criteria for different companies so worth having a look!!! HTH XXX###### ######

This seems to have been set up for elderly as a core group but others may qualify under the “Broader Group Scheme”

take care Cheryl XXXX

Full info if I can make it work!!! fingers crossed!!

As part of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, participating electricity suppliers have been asked to provide a set amount of financial support to a broader group of their customers. A rebate of £120 in 2011/12 will be issued via the electricity bill of consumers who qualify for assistance under the Broader Group schemes.

Suppliers will have some discretion over who is included within their Broader Group schemes. Eligible consumers may include those on a low income with a disability or long-term illness, or those with children – but the actual criteria used will vary, as it depends on the electricity supplier the consumer is with.

These consumers will not be identified through data matching; instead each supplier will make its own arrangements to find eligible customers.

If you are not eligible for the core group but feel you may qualify for help under the Broader Group schemes, please contact the company that currently supplies your electricity – website and contact details are below.

Scheme suppliers- Atlantic [External link] – 0800 300 111


im with atalantic for gas and leccy.

i called them last week as on dla but they said that wasnt covered in the sceme they said i had to be on one other benefits like esa, jsa , things like that blooming cheek coz i dont know how im gonna stay warm without abit of help.

good luck in getting it all those who apply.


I also got from British Gas Im not eligible either cos Im on Essentials Tarrif hence already get cheaper leccy & gas, what a cheek, my bills dont say that!

When Ive read criteria I do fit however not according to them. Ive written again and shall let you all know.

Who is eligible if not the disabled? Me thinks theyre being very crafty and stingy considering their profits they could have kept the bills lower.



Its crazy Bren we dont get essential tariff from British Gas even though on DLA and IS but qualify for the electricity warm home grant coz of IS! British Gas say we have too much money coming in to help us so gonna swap to one that will help or go duel fuel with EDF we get 6% discount off them already for being disabled!

take care XXX

Thanks Cheryl for this information - l think most of us have discovered that any ‘benefits/help’ are always kept as a big secret.

lts up to everyone to ask - and it never hurts to ask. And l think you have to stand firm and not be fobbed off.

We all have to keep warm.

lts turned cold tonight - and l have lit our wood-burner. We are lucky to have lots of wood given to us - mainly broken pallets - and even a neighbours hard-wood conservatory that they had demolished to make way for an extension.

lt keeps my OH busy - sawing it all up.

But at least it is free. And l can even cook on the top of the stove.

Just been told there is a limit to the offer so if your gonna have a go do it soon HTH xxxxx

Hi, Ill get hubby to check, as he deals with all our stuff like that...sound a pathetic needy woman, dont I? I am!!!

We are already on the social tariff…wonder if this is the same…we are with Scottish Power.

I`ll let you know if we qualify.

luv Pollx

Hi frances, i`m glad to hear youhave a wood burner…my daughter has one and gets free wood from her carpenter landlord!!! Their gas bill was £45!!!

luv POllx

southern electric told me that i dont qualify as i recieve a disability premium on top of income support then sent me a form that said just the opposite.

I will have to wait and see Barbara.xx

i think it’s really unfair that people on ESA qualify, but people on IB don’t. how do they work that one out? i’m really cold, but can’t afford to put the heating on. can’t afford to eat properly either, it sucks xx