Warm Home Discount Scheme and Energy Suppliers

When I moved house last year, I switched my energy supply to Eon and have been very satisfied with their customer service. They recently notified me that my current tariff was due to end so I looked on their website to see what other tariffs they offer.

Their website is so much easier to use than British Gas and I was also delighted to note that, unlike British Gas with whom I had been for several years, they do offer the Warm Home Discount to those in receipt of DLA (all components) and Working Tax Credits with an income of less than £16,000 pa.

I’ve applied for this year’s discount which could mean up to £135 rebate at the end of winter and I’ve also adjusted my direct debit by using their tool which checks my usage over the past year to reassess my likely usage for the coming year. My current home is centrally heated and well insulated so I’ve already noticed that my energy bills are more than halved anyway. Thank goodness as the price of food keeps on rising!

All in all I was pretty impressed. So much so that I had to share :wink:

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey!!!

We are with Eon so will look into that!! currently prepay but happy to switch meters if it means saving more mney!!!

kate x x

I think you can get it if you prepay - I’m sure I read that they send you vouchers to use at the Post Office, Kate. You should definitely look into it. I think it was under the payments section of the website or maybe under the Help section lol

Tracey x