Walking aids?

Hi hope everyone is as well as can be?

I am trying to find something that could help with my walking as I cannot hold a stick in my hand because of the pain in my hands. Normally when I go anywhere I hold on to my Husband, but I want to be able to get about on my own a bit as well. Any suggestions please?

Jaycie x

Just wondering if it would be easier to use crutches. You would still need to use your hands of course, but as some of the strain would be born by your arms, maybe it would be a little easier for you. Have you asked a physio or an OT for advice? Might be helpful hun.


Hi Jaycie

Take a look at smartcrutch.co.uk One of the guys posted about them on here last year.

I only go out with my husband so didn’t feel the need to buy, I was tempted though. I did pass on the website to a friend with mobility issues, who bought himself a pair. He is very impressed with th

There maybe a January sale on!!


That’s a bit odd for you when pain in your hands affects your walking.It might be a big step(megalol), but maybe something electric could be the solution.A scooter,car portable or otherwise would need relatively light ‘hand action’ so you can whizz around.I’ve always maintained that once you find an efficient routine for a scooter,the whole getting around experience is fun and once you’re home you’ll have more energy, so you can do star jumps or whatever you fancy to exercise your legs.


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Hi, I use a rollator, like you I used to link my husband (hang out of him really) now I have to use the rollator all the time as i need support for both arms now. Its great and it gives me and my OH so much independence. hope this helps . Hugs :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks for you replies guys

Jaycie x

Hi I have just ordered a pair of crutches from smartCRUTCH so I will see how I get on with them

Thanks again

Jaycie x

Good luck Jaycie

Look forward to the feedback.

Wonder what colour you picked…red? Purple?


I have just receive a smart crutch has made a huge difference arrived 5 days after i ordered them I went for boring black ones no complaints so far

Nothing boring about black Pavo.

Glad to hear you are pleased with them so far

Oh dear Blossom, I am afraid that I have ordered grey ones as I knew that If I ordered a nicer colour I would always wish I had ordered a different one whereas grey is just grey.

I hope this will make sense to some of you?

I will let you know how I get on with them

Jaycie x

I wish I’d never asked lol

I wear a lot of grey…classy