smart crutches

Evening all looking to invest in pair of smart crutches. Does anyone have them? And rates them? Thanks xx

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No I’ve got the German ones which are fabby and great for the hands, and hold on when I need to reach for something, I seen the smart crutch when I was upgrading my nhs ones, but thought they would fall as I have weak hands. Good luck though! Polly xxx

Thank you polly just looking at those now so hard to make decision xx

Just been having a look at them. I think they would be good for someone like me or anyone with weak wrists because the load is spread throughout the forearm. Very tempting! Where can you buy in this country? I notice they are a an Australian brand. Love the colours :slight_smile:

Blossom, if you click on ‘about us’ it has some UK info.

I’ve just looked at these wow they look good didn’t know they were available wouldn’t mind a pair myself just have to save my pennies to buy some ,## ## Barbara.xx

Been going through pages and pages on Google looking for reviews the majority highly rate them definitely worth a pair xx

Am I looking at the same product that you guys are looking at?

Yes those are the ones xx

I have ordered a pair of the blue ones today wasn’t bold enough to go for yellow. Have kept looking at them since reading this post and took plunge today. Barney

Good for you Barney, hope you like them. Did you get them from the site I mentioned above?

I did - really impressed with the service they phoned me this afternoon to check out my night so they could ensure they send the most appropriate size. Should get them by Monday. I am so excited - how life changes I would never have thought I would have been needing them let alone being excited.

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They sound interesting, how long do the ferules on the feet last ?

Excellent Barney. I’ve been in touch with them, to reassure myself they are suitable for people that normally use a walking stick. They really are very helpful. I’ve got my eye on the purple-my favourite colour.

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Ooh fab barney keep us informed as to how your getting on. I use crutches daily not a stick so not dure they be good fpr me now?? Let us know xx

Hello miss Pittstop. They are definitely for people with crutches, you should watch the videos on the website for all the info. Take care xx

Got mine…Purple cause I am fed up of being drab they are taking a bit of getting used to, nearly tripped myself up to begin with but my hands and wrists are sooo painful and weak now that my normal nhs crutches are becoming un-usable for me.

OT & Physio recommended smart crutches to me.

Good luck all