Morning all,

I’ve become a lot more reliant on using my crutches but I want to find some more ‘funky’ ones as my standard hospital ones are just a little bit depressing!

Does anyone have any advice on where I could go to get some?


Hi Gemski - I use Switch Sticks (on Amazon), which come in lots of great patterns, but this might not be what you need. Just found a range called ‘Funkcrutch’ on Amazon too - got some good reviews. Hope you can find something you like.



Also try or

There are many places to get crutches that are much nicer than NHS ones. And actually they tend to be stronger as well as look better. So they might cost but you do get your money’s worth. The only thing that wears out are the ferrules.


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Hi, I’ve got some purple spotty ones from Argos there great alot brighter than the depressing grey ones! x

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I must say try and go for ergonomic handles if using full time I had normal round handles and when given the better handles it made my use so much easier as it displaced the weight much more evenly.



Thanks everyone :relaxed: X

I agree regarding ergonomic handles. Much more comfortable.

i also put an awful lot of weight on my crutches and used “flexy foot” ferrules. Google flexy foot if you’re interested in this. They give the base of the crutch extra grip. I got mine over 2 years ago and haven’t fallen since. Falling due to the crutch slipping on a wet floor or wet tiles was a regular occurrence before then.


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