sliding crutches

Hi Everybody,

Has anybody got any wizard ideas on how to stop cruches sliding away from you in the when out walking in the wet?

I put alot of weight through my crutches when I walk and don’t feel safe unless I hold the crutches quite wide from me, which creates a slight ankle as I need the extra stability to keep my balance. This seems to make the crutches slide away from me in the wet. I cope OK in the dry, but when it rains alot of surfaces become very slippy, so I have to shuffle along a few inches at a time to keep my balance or fall on my bum.

Has anybody had the same experience and tried any thing to overcome the problem succesfully or not?

At the moment the best I can come up with is to use my scooter instead, but it isn’t always practical to take it.

I’d love to hear from you.

Diane X

sorry diane i havent got an answer but at least i’ve given you a BUMP!

Hi Diane

Just a thought, check the rubber cap on the bottom, in case it has worn.

Pam x

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Perhaps a quick call to physio to asks their advice. They see loads of people who use crutches etc so probably pick up and give loads of tips.


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Perhaps you could ask your physiotherapist about crutches with quardrupod bases? Haven’t used them but they might be worth a try.

I have this issue too - it is scary as the crutches go away from you. I replaced the ends of my crutches but unfortunately didn’t help. Sorry not providing a solution

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve tried new ferruls which work better in the dry but no real improvement in the wet. I’ll get onto the physio and see what she can suggest. As Teddie suggests quadrupod sticks may work, but I’ve never seen them on crutches.

I did have one idea - I’ll emigrate to Australia - doesn’t rain much there!

Diane X

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