Hurrycane ?

Evening everyone,

I’m thinking of replacing my old walking stick , it’s an NHS one and not the most attractive thing in the world.

I’ve been looking at the Hurrycane as my balance is bad and this looks like it’s quite stable.

Had anyone used one ? Are they any good or are the just a gimmick ?

June xx

Don’t Know able the one you’re asking about but I used Switch Sticks when I used a stick and Cool Crutches now I use crutches. They both have lots of different designs. They are on the pricey side but good if you fancy treating yourself.

Yes i bought one off ebay and i got one for a friend who has a dodgy hip. it is really good. she finds it very helpful to go down stairs with it as she lives on first floor and it is very stablising.

Thanks angelicali , I’ll take a look.

Stabilising is just what I’m after , my balance is pretty rubbish.

Thank you !