crutches or a wlker?

hi all, i have been using elbow crutches when i go out for about 6 months now. i have balance issues and they have saved me from a fall many a time. i dont have a dx but my mobility and fatigue are slowly getting worse and i am finding that the crutches are very tiring to use. i have see a neuro physio in the past, last time about 6 weeks, but until i get a dx they dont really wont to know.

i was wondering if any body has any advise on which they found best, 3 or 4 wheels, or did you find they are not stable enough. i do understand we are all different but as they are not cheap to buy i dont wont to make a costly mistake.

love lorraine x x x

oh dear. i spelt that wrong!!!the title is supposed to be a walker. what a twit x x x

Definitely something to post on Everyday Living I think - lots more people who will know on there. Karen x