cruches or walker?

hi all,

i am not dx yet, neuro changed his mind, but

for 6 months i have been using elbow crutches when i go out, and these have saved me from many a tumble. latley i have had some trouble using them, fatigue some times it such a effort to walk with them and will often catch them on the ground as i have not lifted them properly. also i tend to drag my foot slightly if i am tired or stiff.

my mobility seems to be getting slowly worse, i have seen a neurophysio but they dont seem to be able to help any more than they already have.

what i would like to hear is if anyone has had to use a walker and if it helped with walking better than crutches, and if a 3 or 4 wheeled walker was best. i dont want to make a costly mistake so any comments or advise would be helpful.

love lorraine x

Hi Lorraine If you ring social services, ask for adult care and make a self referral, they will send an OT out to assess you and provide walking aids, free of charge. They provided me with a walker for the house, Zimmer frame for upstairs, banisters for the stairs, bath lift and shower rails and a wheeled walker with seat for outdoors. Xx

I agree an OT assessment is a good idea. That way you can try out a walker without it impacting your pocket.

I had a 4 wheeled walker provided but subsequently bought my own because it is smaller and lighter but at least I knew that I was doing the right thing.

I personally far prefer a walker to crutches because you can have a little sit if you get tired (4 wheelers) and it is easy to carry things. I use my walker in the house – sit on it to do my hair and it’s great in the kitchen and so helpful to carry stuff (including cups of coffee on a tray.)

I don’t use mine outside (I use my w/chair) but I think it would be great to shop with if you have some mobility. Lots of folk take them on the bus too.


Hi Lorraine,here’s my penneth worth…Ten years ago I broke my left ankle and even though I still had plenty of ‘beef’,I couldnot use the crutches that I was given.As an aside,'cos I started walking on the fracture,they took the cast off two weeks earlier than expected.

Any road up the moral of the story is that crutches are effin’ hard work and I humbly suggest that a roller is a better option.Mrs H and Jane have given you very good advice.

Be lucky,

Wb x


i have tried both. crutches are very hard work! i had to admit that they werent for me. i have 4 wheeled walker with a seat-handy for resting! i got mine through physio-not ot-but def worth asking and trying both before u decide. 3 wheeled walker didnt make me feel safe-risk of toppling-espec with right sided weakness. gp can refer u for assessment.

ellie x


I was givena three wheeled walker which at first was great but after a couple of months as my right side got weaker and my balance worse I began to feel like the thing was trying to kill me! I was constantly ending up on the floor and having to crawl to the phone for help in getting up. I was then given a zimmer frame which made me feel so much safer. As I’ve egained some of my strength I’ve been on cruches, they’re more work but I’ve not fallen yet :slight_smile:

The OT from the social has been brilliant and I’ve been given everything from a shower to a stairlift so you should definitely go that route. What I would say is self referring can take forever, its much quicker to have a health pofessionaldo it for you.

good luck


Hi It must depend on your social services department…I’m quite rural, although a huge area to cover…I telephoned and the next day a social work assistant took my referral on the phone and literally less than a week later, an OT visited. I would’ve waited longer for a GP’s appointment !! Xx

Perhaps you could also address the problem of foot dragging, which might be dropped foot. There are several helpful options available, but a fes is my favourite.

hi all,

thanks for the replies, all have been helpful and i will be making some phone calls tomorrow.

love lorraine x x